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Trans: Fans asking Papa Tuan if she can marry Mark because she’s multi-lingual.

Papa Tuan: Incredible! Unfortunately Mark doesn’t like to talk! x

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bobby + jeju = happiness

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bunny bobby ➜ beastly bobby ( ゚ロ゚;)

bunny bobby ➜ beastly bobby ( ゚ロ゚;)

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tophee for reebok

Does anyone else lie in bed at 2:30am filled with the crippling fear that they’re never going to accomplish anything in life and fail miserably or is that just me

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imperyeol: all of the 4² crew (that's our name btw it's cute i came up with it hehe)


Send me urls to talk about!


seunqs awhjongdae imperyeol below!

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OMG ZUZU THIS IS SO SWEET I AM SO EMOTIONAL RN. Wow god bless you and this message. Wowowow you look upto me? SILLY FART JOKE MAKING  ME. Omg I think I can die in peace now that zuzu the blogging warrior thinks that.  Thank you so so much for your words, and valuing my mind and my critical opinions. I never get over when someone says that they like my opinions or the way I speak, it literally is the greatest compliment ever. 

I will treasure this forever /hugs you/.

Lol I am laughing at 4 squared though Cola. 

imperyeol dewusional

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