happy 21st birthday, rika 

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"I’d like people to judge me without bias." - Kim Jiwon on SMTM3 episode 1

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Glasses Grand Prix: Take a pair of glasses & say a phrase cooly..

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WINNER’s Achievements (w/ Sources)


  • With a score of 10,695, WINNER has the 4th highest score in Inkigayo history. (x / x)
  • Within 10 days of their debut, WINNER’s win on M!Countdown makes them the fastest male rookie group to win #1 on a music show. (x / x)
  • News of their debut increased the YG stock price by 6.57% (in comparison to the debuts of SM’s Red Velvet and JYP’s GOT7, by 2.22% and 0.00%, respectively). (x / x)
  • Their debut track, “Empty”, entered the iTunes “Top 100” Singles Chart in seven countries, while their album topped iTunes album charts in four countries. (x / x / x)
  • At #18, “2014 S/S” holds the record for highest charting album by a Korean boy band on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart. (xx)
  • Their debut album, “2014 S/S”, ranked at #1 on the American Billboard Charts for “Top-selling World Albums”. (x / x)
  • "Empty" topped 9 major Korean music real-time charts simultaneously, achieving ”All-Kill” status. (x / x)
  • All 10 songs of the “2014 S/S” album ranked from #1 to #10 on the MelOn chart, achieving the MelOn “Perfect All-KIll”. (x)

These boys have been majorly successful for a rookie group, and their response? Staying humble, respecting other artists and their seniors, and promising to work harder.

I know a lot of people say that Winner’s success is only due to them being in YG, but I dunno, the group composes and produces their own songs, and they choreograph their own dance routines. Maybe their debut didn’t sit well with you but their talents gives them room to grow, so let’s give them a chance!

P.S. And there’s gotta be awards out there for Taehyun’s hair, Jinwoo’s eyes, Minho’s eyebrows, Seunghoon’s legs, and Seungyoon’s lips. 

(Feel free to message me about any inquiries.)

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"Before I left, I made a promise in your arms that I would build a house and wait for you." - Climax (2013)

"I started from the bottom. It’s time I built my house." - YGGR#Hiphop (2014)

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Favorite Jiwon - Smiles

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when you’ve had enough of yg’s bullshit

when you’ve had enough of yg’s bullshit

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