I used to be greedy, I used to be selfish,
but I’m starting to let it go.

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selfcams + dumb sh*t team b say and do (=__=;;)

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Anonymous: the one that you asked what is it (with the boy cutting his hair.) it's bts - danger mv.

Thanks anon! You are fab :)

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Anonymous: Hi! Could I request a Seungyoon edit/graphic please? Thank you so much ;uu;

At first I read this as Seunghoon and I was like hells yeah and then I read it as Seungyoon lol. I will try anon, but I don’t have much Seungyoon content and I am not a huge fan of him ( I don’t dislike him or anything dude is an incredible vocalist). 

tl;dr - I will try :)

I FINALLY FINISHED AND HANDED MY EXO ESSAY. 3 Days late seriously it has never taken me so long to write an essay. OFFICIALLY THE BEGINNING OF MID SEM BREAK HOLLER. Yes I will reply to everyones messages now sorry for being anti social.

FCK ಠ▃ಠ

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thank you for enduring and thriving in hell leader bin (╯_╰)

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"people cry not because they’re weak…it’s because they’ve been strong for too long." -johnny depp

When Bobby drops his voice, I drop my panties.

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